Tir Tairngire


ArticleSince 2003, Tir Tairngire Ecovillage has had a variety of forms, but was always on the property as it is currently. In late 2009 a senate of professionals in education, IT, farming, administration, archaeology, engineering and psychology had voted on a series of logos and symbolism. It was found that the image displayed here best captured what the community represented at that point in time and what it would continue to represent; a Robin to symbolize it's founder, the blossoming Apple Tree to a devotion to nature, and the encircling Laural Wreath captures the unity of the two.

While the notion may sound more "1960's hippie" than we mean to, it does have a spritiuality and reverence surrounding it. We are not evil cultists, or communists in the most dogmatic sense; rather, we are a family of like-minded, spiritual people who seek a different life than that of the concrete jungle, which is slowly poisoning Mother Earth. Our homes are zero-net energy, our diet is vegan, our bodies are hardened by hard work and honest living.

Come on in, we won't bite, you may even enjoy your stay.

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